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Kenwood TH-D7


Das Kenwood TH-D7E ist dank seines eingebauten TNC ein vorzügliches Gerät für den portablen APRS-Betrieb. 


  • 144/430 MHz
  • 5.5 W @ 13.6 Volt
  • Eingebauter 1200/9600 baud TNC
  • APRS Firmware 
  • Dual RX



TH-D7 Protokoll:

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Command Name Use
AI n Auto Information This function will automatically display status information and functions as they are pressed on keypad. This is usefull for monitoring changes, such as squelch opening up, or new station heard, etc. 0=off, 1=on
AIP n Advanced Intercept Point 0=off, 1=on
AMSG [00-16] APRS Message To send a message use AMSG 00,KD6VYV-7,text goes here

To view a message use AMSG n , where n = number of message 01-16

AMGG Message Group Enter groups to receive mh="34%">Enter groups to receive messages for: such as QST,CQ or "*" to receive all
AMR n Auto Message Reply 0=off, 1=on
APO n Auto Power Off 0=off, 1=30min, 2=60min
ARL [0000-2500] APRS Position Limit 0000=off, miles/kilometers in increments of 10, 0010-2500miles
ARLM Auto Message Reply Text Sets or displays ARLM text
ARO [0-1] Auto Repeater Offset 0=off, 1=on
ASC [0-1] Auto Simplex Check 0=off, 1=on
BAL [0-4] Ballance A/B band (n=0 to 4) 0=band a only 2=middle 4=band b0=band a only 2=middle 4=band b only
BC [0-1] Band A & B Sets band, or displays current band 0=band A, 1=band B
BCN [0-1] APRS Beacon 0=off, 1=on , or displays current status
BEL [0-1] Tone Alert Turns band A or B tone alert on or off 0=off, 1=on
BEP [0-1] Key Beep 0=off, 1=on
BEPT [0-3] Tone Alert (0=off, 1=mine, 2=all new, 3=all) Produces a distinct tone for APRS events
BUF [0-1] Buffer Shows current buffer data, or you can enter new:

BUF [Band selection],[Frequency],[Frequency step size],[Shift],[Reverse],[Tone],[CTCSS],,[Tone frequency],,[CTCSS frequency],[Offset],[FM/ AM]

BY Busy Displays busy status 0=not busy, 1=busy
CH [0-1] Channel Display Turns the channel display on n=1 or off n=0
CIN Call Channel Input Enters the transceiver’s displayed frequency into the CALL channel
CNT [01-16] Contrast LCD contrast default = 8
CR [0-1],[0-1] Read Call Channel Displays call channel status

CR [Band selection],[Split selection],[Frequency],[Frequency step size],[Shift],[Reverse],[Tone],[CTCSS],,[Tone frequency],,[CTCSS frequency],[Offset],[FM/ AM]

Split selection: 0=receive side of split, 1=tx side of split

CT CTCSS Turns CTCSS on or off, or displays status
CTD CTCSS Detection etection
CTN CTCSS Tone Selects, or displays a CTCSS tone
CW [0-1],[0-1] Write to Call Channel Enters data to the Call channel

Cw [Band selection],[Split selection],[Frequency],[Frequency step size],[Shift],[Reverse],[Tone],[CTCSS],,[Tone frequency],,[CTCSS frequency],[Offset],[FM/ AM]

CW 0,0,00144410000,0,0,0,0,0,,09,,09,000600000,0

Split selection: 0=receive side of split, 1=tx side of split

DL Dual Band Selects single or dual band mode, or displays current status
DM DTMF Memory Sets the DTMF memory, or displays its current status
DMN DTMF Memory Name Sets up the DTMF memory name, or displays it
DS DC10%">DS DCD Sense
DSPA Display Size Sets APRS display size to 1 line or entire display

0=Entire Display, 1=1 Line Display

DTB n Data Band 0=Band A, 1=Band B, 2=Band A tx - Band B rx, 3=Band B tx - Band A rx
DTX n Beacon TX Method 0=manual, 1=PTT, 2=auto
DUP n Duplex Mode selects duplex or simplex mode, or displays current setting 0=simplex 1=dup
DW Down (freq) Frequency moves down one step
ELK n Tuning Enable Tuning Enable
FQ [freq],band Frequncy Returns or sets current frequency

Format= FQ 00144410000,0


GU GPS Used 0=none, 1=NMEA, 2=NMEA 9600 buad
ICO g,n Icon Select Icon

when g=0 graphical icons n=0 to 9 and A-E

when g=1 other icons n=aprs icons such as "/b" etc.

ID Identity of Radio Returns ID TH-D7G
KILO n Kilometer/Mile 0=mile increments, 1=kilometer
LIST [01-40] List Displays information on received station in APRS
LK Transciever Lock Turns off=0, and on=1 the key lock,or displays current status
LMP Lamp turns on or off the LCD lamp, or displays its current status
MC [0,1],n Memory Channel Selects a memory channel number, or displays current number [Band],000-200
MCL [0,1],n Lock Memory Channel [Band],n where n=0 unlock, n=1 lock
MD n Mode Sets up the receiver mode, or displays its current status 0=FM, 1=AM
MES Power up Message Default Hello! 8 characters max
MIN [000 to 199] Memory Input Copies current frequency to desired channel
MNA 0,[000-199],n Memory Name Sets or displays a channel memory name


MNF Memory Name Frequency Change between name and frequency 1=freq, 0=name
MON [0,1] Squelch Turns on and off squelch, or displays its current status 1=busy
MP [1-3],d My Postition Sets, or displays one of three programable positions

MP 1,37001500121349601

where 37deg, 00.150sec 0=north 121deg, 34.960min 1=west

MR 0,[0-1],[mem],d Memory Read Recalls the memory channel

example: MR 0,0,001,00440000000,6,0,0,0,0,,09,,09,000000000,0,0

d: [Frequency],[Frequency step size],[Shift],[Reverse],[Tone],[CTCSS],,[Tone frequency],,[CTCSS frequency],[Offset],[FM/ AM],[Lockout]

MSH Memory Shift Transift
MW Memory Write Enters data into the memroy channel - format similar to MR
MYC s My Call Sign enters or displays your call sign s=callsign goes here
NSFT Noise Shift Can be used to get rid of beat type noise that can be associated with tnc
OS Offset Sets up or displays the offset frequency
PAMB Pos Ambiguous Sets ambiguity so that others will not know your exact location

Settings: 0=off, 1=1 digit, 2digit, 3 digit, 4 digit

PC [0-1],r Power Control Sets or displays the transmit power Band 0 or 1, r: 0=H power, 2=L, 3=EL
POSC Position Comment Sets the position comment to use for APRS

0=Off Duty, 1=Enrout, 2=In Service, 3=Returning, 4=Commited, 5=Special, 6=Priority, 7-13=Custom 0-6, 14=Emergency

PKSA APRS Packet Speed 0=1200 baud, 1=9600 baud
PP Packet Path can now use w for wide and t for trace
PT [0-6] DTMF Pause Time 0=100ms, 1=200, 2=500, 3=750, 4=1000, 5=1500, 6=2000
PV [1-3 or 6]L1,L2 Program VFO Sets or displays the current VCO

Examle: PV 2,00136,00173

1=118mhz band, 2=2 meter band, 3=sub two meter band, 6=uhf band

L1=Limit1, L2=Limit2

RBN [1-3 or 6] Set Band Set Band
REV [0-1] Reverse  
RX Receive Switches the transceiver to receive mode
SC [0-1] Scan Scans current band 0=stop, 1=start
SCR [0-2] Scan Mode Sets up or displays current scan mode 0=time, 1=carrier, 2=seek mode
SFT [0-3] Shift 0=simplex, 1=+, 2=-, 3=-7.6Mhz
SM [Band 0-1],n Signal Meter Displays the received signal strength (or battery meter while tx) n=0-5
SQ [Band 0-1],n Squelch Displays or sets the squelch level n=0-5
ST [0-9] ST [0-9] Step
STAT [1-3],text Status Text Status Text for APRS. There are 3 different memories available
STXR [0-8] Status Text tx 0=off, 1=1/1, 2=1/2, 3=1/3, 4=1/4, 5=1/4, 6=1/6, 7=1/7, 8=1/8
SV [0-9] Battery Save 0=off, 1=.2s, 2=.4s, 3=.6s, 4=.8s, 5=1s, 6=2s, 7=3s, 8=4s, 9=5sec
TH [0-1] Transmit Hold After sending a 1750hz tone, sets or displays status 0=off, 1=on
TEMP [0-1] Temperature 0=Farenheit, 1=Celcius
TN [00-3
TN [00-39] PLL Tone Sets subaudible tone
TNC [0-1] TNC Turns TNC on or Off 0=off, 1=on
TO PL Tone Enable 0=off, 1=on
TSP DTMF TX Speed 0=fast, 1=slow
TT Transmit Tone Transmits 1750hz tone until RX is entered
TX Transmit Starts transmitting on current band - can be stopped by RX command
TXD [1-7] APRS TX Delay 1=100ms, 2=200ms, 3=300ms, 4=400ms, 5=500ms, 6=750ms, 7=1000ms
TXH TX Hold on/off Turns TX HOLD on or off
TXI [0-8] APRS TX Interval 0=.2min, 1=.5min, 2=1min, 3=2min, 4=3min, 5=5min, 6=10min, 7=20min, 8=30min
TZ [00-48] Time Zone 00 is -12 hours from UTC, 10 is -7 ... etc
*UNIT   No longer used due to addition of TEMP and KILO
UP UP Moves up one memory channel or up one step in VFO mode
UPR Unproto Unproto String Default APK002
VMC [0-1],[0-3] Mode of Band 0=VFO, 2=MR, 3=Call
VR [1-3 or 6] VFO Read Reads VFO of specified band
VW VFO Write Writes VFO to specified band
WAY [0-6] Waypoint 0=off, 1=6 digits out NMEA, 2=7, 3=8, 4=9, 5=6 digits out MGN, 6=DGPS


07.06.2007, DL1LJ
04.09.2007, DL1MH (Sonstiges)


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